Group Substance Therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool that is effective in treating substance abuse because human beings by nature are social. Group therapy has advantages such as positive peer support; a reduction in clients' sense of isolation; real-life examples of people in recovery; help from peers in coping with substance abuse and other life problems; information and feedback from peers; a substitute family that may be healthier than a client’s family of origin; social skills training and practice; peer confrontation; a way to help many clients at one time; structure and discipline often absent in the lives of people abusing substances; and finally, the hope, support, and encouragement necessary to break free from substance abuse.
Sigma Group Program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy that will help support clients to restructure their thinking patterns, learn new coping skills, participate in replacement activities, and form new social support networks to motivate healthier lifestyles. Sigma Group Program starts with group placement assessment for appropriate placement for maximizing treatment effects based on client's needs, desires, and ability to participate. Evaluators rely on forms and interviews to determine the client’s level of interpersonal functioning, motivation to abstain, stability, stage of recovery, and expectation of success in the group.

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